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Hugger Lined Gloves : Womens 100% Waterproof Leather Motorcycle Gloves : Style # WMCRG  
hugger women motorcycle gloves  wmcrg-l
hugger women motorcycle gloves wmcrg-l
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 Hugger Women's Classic Riding Glove - Lined
Technaline is Hugger's patented process that renders leather waterproof. The Technaline process assures that your leather garment will wear, maintain its waterproof quality, and keep its shape longer than any leather garment available. If it doesn't say Technaline, it's not waterproof leather. Wonder Dry® is Hugger's exclusive inner lining that absorbs moisture from your palm and releases it when the glove is at rest. Wonder Dry® will keep your hands dry in any condition and provide you with “not-even-a-trickle” confidence.
  • Premium Waterproof Technaline Leather
  • Padded Palm
  • Velcro Closure
  • Waterproof Wonder Dry® Insert
  • Hugger Gloves Size Chart
  • Lined Glove