Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Hi Rick,
I just received the red motorcycle jacket in the mail. It is absolutely beautiful! OMG! Its what I've always wanted!
The medium was the correct size for me, so I'm happy I ordered it. The sleeves are too long for me, but I am 5'2" and wear petite sizes, so I was expecting that. I supposed I could tuck the sleeves inside, I don't know if they can be altered, but I can always ask a tailor, unless you have some experience with that and have a suggestion.
Otherwise, its been great doing business with you and I'll be checking in to your site every now and again to see what other goodies are there!
Peace and Love,
Response From US:
Hi Andrea
The reason the sleeves are long is because that is the way motorcycle jackets are made.  The reason for that is when the driver reaches for the handle bars they don't want their sleeves to go up over their wrists which would allow more wind to go up their arms.  The extra long sleeves is purposely done.  If anyone askes you can explain to them that it is a motorcycle jacket and give them the reason for it having extra long sleeves.  Glad it fits and you are thrilled with it.  Also believe it or not the sleeves do fit for a motorcycle jacket.  Thank you for your business.

Sun, Mar 25, 2012 at 7:44 PM 

Hi Rick
The jacket that we got the second time around fits my husband great and he really likes it. thanks alot for your help with returning the first one and then getting the size that we needed. Your help was much appreciated!!!
Cathy Feddersen

Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 6:32 PM 

Hey Rick,
I got the Vest today!!
Your measurement table did not lie, I have a vest that is over size like I wanted and it is great quality for the price!!!
I had to wait forever with fucking customs and they threw more money on top but still a great deal!
Thanks so much!
If I have any friends up here looking for leather or shoes I will send them your way!
Thanks man!
You made my day!
I have been looking for a decent over sized vest for months.
You have a great day man!
-bubba (customer from Canada)

 Dear Rick

Just wanted to let you know the saddle bags (Allstate Leather SaddleBags AL3651) arrived today and my husband loves them. They look great on his Royal Enfield that we shipped over from India, so he is very happy!
Thank you
Kind Regards


I definitely will! Thank you so much again. I'm very impressed with your honesty and integrity. Hard to find in businesses these days. So thank you

April 8, 2013
Hey Rick, we went to get my jacket tonight, and I DO LOVE it! It's perfect, size, fit, color!  Perfect for a 50 year old biker mama!  (that's me).  Thanks much.  My husband LOVES it too!  Barb
Shannon Corona
12:17 PM (1 hour ago)  January 31, 2014

I received the jacket today and it's gorgeous and fits perfectly, thanks again!