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Butt Buffer Wolf


 P-Pad Butt Buffer            Small size Butt Buffer     Medium size Butt Buffer      Large size Butt Buffer
Approx. 12"L x 12"W        Approx. 11"L x 8"w         Approx. 12"L x 16"W          Approx. 14"L x 18"W

The Butt Buffer Seat Pad

The Ride Of Your Life

Has A Unique Way To Make Your Next Ride The Most Comfortable You've Ever Had With The Butt Buffer Seat Pad. By Using A Special Product Developed For The Medical Industry, We'Ve Found A Way To Alleviate The Stiffness, Soreness, And Lower Back Pain That Can Make A Long Ride Seem Endless.

The Dry Polymer Core Inside The Butt Buffer, A Motorcycle Polymer Seat Pad, Will Never Fully Compress - This Means That Painful Pressure Points Which Can Develop Between You And Your Bike Seat Are Eliminated. No Other Product Or Motorcycle Polymer Seat On The Market Provides This Kind Of Comfort, Whether You'Re Riding Across The Country Or Around The Block.

  • Evenly Distributes Heat And Weight
  • Does Not Leak
  • Originally Developed To Prevent
    Bed Sores
  • Significantly Reduces Shock And
    Dampens Vibration
  • Will Not Freeze
  • Easily Repaired
  • Hypo-Allergen
  • Unaffected By Water And
    Hydrocarbon Oils
  • Does Not Support Bacteria
  • Fire Rated As Self Extinguishing
  • Does Not Absorb Fluids
  • Fungus Resistant
  • Will Always Return To Its
    Original Shape