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Allstate Leather : Mens Motorcycle Jacket : Style # AL 2019  
allstate leather motorcycle jacket al2019

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allstate leather motorcycle jacket al2019
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allstate leather motorcycle jacket al2019
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Sale Price $145.00

 Men's Basic Motorcycle Jacket with Texas Flag on the back
Allstate Leather AL 2019 Traditional biker jacket with a leather Texas Flag on back. This is a quality cowhide leather jacket that will keep the wind off and the protection you would expect from cowhide.
Split cowhide comes from the underlying layer of a cow's skin. By running the wet hide through a splitter, the tanner yields two or more "splits" of leather, depending on initial thickness of the hide. The top section, containing the outer layer of the skin, displays the grain resulting from the animal's species and life experiences. Surface scars show on the outer layer. The under layer or layers, labeled split cowhide, may show scars only from deeper injuries. Split cowhide leather provides an attractive finished product at a lower cost than the top or grain layer of the hide. The consistent surface of split leather offers a suitable place to burn or paint decorative patterns for the end product, since only the deepest scars will penetrate to the split.   
Mens Motorcycle Jacket Features:
  • · Old School Motorcycle Jacket
  • · Texas flag jacket
  • · Half Belt
  • · Zipper chest pocket
  • · Nylon stitching
  • · Biswing action back
  • · Two zipper side pockets
  • · Outside cell phone pocket
  • · Heavy duty zippers
  • · Half belt
  • Size