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Allstate Leather : Mens Motorcycle Jacket : Style # AL 2015  

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allstate leather men brown motorcycle jacket al2015
allstate leather men brown motorcycle jacket al2015

Sale Price $150.00

 Men's Traditional Brown Motorcycle Jacket(Cowhide Leather)
Allstate Leather AL 2015 Men's Basic Brown Motorcycle jacket with side laces and zipout liner. This is quality cowhide leather jacket, it is made from the best cowhide available. This quality jacket will keep the wind off and the protection you would expect from cowhide. Naked leather is a term popular among companies selling jackets, trousers, chaps, gloves and other riding apparel for motorcycle riders. It is smooth on one side and rough and nappy on the other. Manufacturers variously describe naked leather as "natural" or untreated when in fact it has usually been immersed in aniline, a chemical that keeps the surface porous, allowing the leather to "breathe." This makes it more comfortable in both cold and hot weather. Purists insist that all of the natural grain in naked leather must be preserved. Aniline is a chemical that smells like rotten eggs and is used in numerous industrial applications from dyes to the manufacture of acetaminophen.   
Mens Motorcycle Jacket Features:
  • · Old School Motorcycle Jacket
  • · Brown leather jacket
  • · Half Belt
  • · Zipper chest pocket
  • · Nylon stitching
  • · Biswing action back
  • · Two zipper side pockets
  • · Outside cell phone pocket
  • · Heavy duty zippers
  • · Half belt

  • Size