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AETraders : Cold Weather Gear : Full Size Face Mask w/ Snap-On Goggles  
AET FM10200
AET FM10200
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*NEW* Full Size Face Mask w/ Snap-On Goggles Combined Shipping with All Other Products

Price $39.90 Out of Stock

This cold weather face mask is fantastic keeping the cold weather off when used for outdoor activities. e.g. riding, hunting, paintball, skiing, snowboarding, snow mobile and also great for outdoor workers.

Full Size Face Mask with Snap On Googles
  • · One size fits all.
  • · Made from breathable, stretchy Neoprene.
  • · Complete wind, water and dust resistant.
  • · Fabric adjustable Velcro rear closure.
  • · One piece lens with soft foam cushion.
  • · 2 lenses: 1 clear and 1 smoke.
  • · Comes with storage bag.
  • · Color: Black